Fairly Trading

Fox Trader, fairly

Fox Trader, fairly

So the fox is dressed up sharply, all sweet and blue in a jacket and trousers. No sign of the fox nature here, no hint of a trailing tail and a swift bark and growl. No tale betraying his scent and desire for the whiff of a rabbit that has him haring up the field in hot pursuit. No, he’s more than happy to display before him the long, arching letters of Fair Trade as they swirl blackly on the lush texture of paper bag paper.

What are we to do with him? Wave back to him to acknowledge him or shall we all just go down to Fair Trade and buy stuff because it’s good and cool? Yes, let’s do it all. Where is it? It’s a 30 Nikis Street, Syntagma. And that’s in Athens, Greece, so let’s not be confused about that because your time is too precious to be wandering the streets of Monkey Town looking for something cool and interesting when you could be inside showing your kids how to overdose on playstation.

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