Get Back in Before it Freezes Again


The old guy is freaking out. He’s rushing for the sea now that spring is on its way and the ice has slipped back into water again for a short time. He’s running down the sand with his best blue-striped bathing suit that he won on a bet with his wife about whether summer would ever come back again. Finally, it’s coming back and the old man won’t miss his chance this time.

Last year he stayed inside all summer for some stupid reason. He just clean forgot to get outside and into the places lit by the sun and before anyone could say “Boo!” and wake him, it was winter again. The sea froze and we all just sat inside wondering whether this time it had come to stay and finally we would be slaves to the bosses for ever. The guy was the same, just sitting there too afraid of the cold, swirling snow outside to check his chains and see whether they actually existed at all.

“It’s May 68!” said his wife, “Summer must almost be here again just like it was in 36.”

She was right, it had the smell of summer for sure. It was as if we were going to be allowed outside for a bit, to walk on the grass and dip our feet in the river that belongs to us all. We’d walk arm in arm and strut about in clean, soft clothes instead of the stained layers of greasy rags that we’d wear inside. Winter made us too fearful and shrunk within ourselves to bear the frosty draughts to even think of washing our armpits, let alone our stinky clothes.

“But yes!” she said, “It looks like spring is here so lets take a rest and lets have a bet, my silly husband.” She said all this but it was a big mistake and the summer didn’t happen after all. The men with the bowler hats and the falange decided to cancel it all over again. “Damn!” said the old man that time, as a young man. “I won’t make that mistake next time!” he swore.

So now the next time is here again and the old man is running for the sea. The bosses are hoping to have the sea frozen right before he gets his toe anywhere near it.

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