Is This Scouting?


You don’t often see things like this. Sometimes you’re scouting around for weeks, tying knots and making fires in the woods and you’re never see a nice sight like this. And, even if you did, she wouldn’t be standing here next to you on the pavement so that you could almost reach out and touch her or even a say a word to see if she can speak and that’s she’s real.

You can’t speak, though. You can’t touch. You’re a scout and you better remember that. You can’t just talk to her or touch her just like that. She might not like it no matter how perfect she is, no matter how perfect her skin looks, no matter how golden and majestic her soft hair looks. No, you’ve got to hold it all back and keep your dignity.

I know what else, though. You can salute. You can salute with all your might. That’s a suitable and honourable tribute to a lady which is civilised and respectful and legal. You don’t need to do any of that other stuff and the police don’t need to be involved this time. All that’s over and done with, and now justice and order can prevail.

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