It’s a Fishl


Down deep, deep down in the depths the official fish swims down to escape his official responsibilities that plague him and follow him everywhere. Every time he tries to gulp or breathe a bubble there’s someone there to remind him of  his duties, showing him back to his tasks and keeping him out of trouble.

Who voted for him anyway? Not me. Not you.

And what kind of official business does an official fish have anyway? What’s the difference between a normal fish and an official fish? It’s not much, I’ll say, if it’s anything at all. In most cases it’s simply a snooty attitude or a condescending turn of phrase that sets them apart from the ordinary fish that you see on the streets. Whether it’s from their upbringing or something genetic, they behave in a way that sets them apart from the rest. They exude attitude and sweat arrogance.

That’s not the case with our little official fish. He doesn’t want any of it. He just wants to swim down and away until the idiots that pester him get bored or confused and swim away. And good riddance to them!

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