Jessie Cat and Dungaree Jack


The country hick he waits and smiles and waits with his cat waiting and smiling there behind him. “Hey Jessie!” he says to the cat, “There’s people watching us from through the internets.” Jessie can’t believe it. You’re not supposed to acknowledge the people from the internets. You’re supposed to wait and smile and develop your own personal essence and let it radiate.

“Look at them funny people” he says, this funny beardy man Jack in his blue dungarees. Can he really see out from his suffocating box of reality, out into the next dimension where his own reality isn’t really a reality but just a dream instead? Can he make you think that maybe you’re a story too and maybe that cat behind you isn’t real and maybe some person somewhere is reading about you on a thing like a webpage or a book or a story for children?

No, you’re way too stuck for that. You keep on insisting that it’s the Jessie cat that isn’t real but he wonders just like you. He has feelings and cat-nature just as much as you do. He doesn’t sit there with a funny look on his face while he’s reading the internets. He doesn’t have a fit of cynicism to cover an existential crisis.

Or does he?

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