Like concrete, they are real

One small and unlikely day, it occurred to me that things are not only flat, but round and square and standing up from an imaginary horizontal plane. How much easier this makes it for us! Without that third and vital axial protrudance we’d all be stuck in a long line, with no room for passing, no vantage points for looking around.

And thus, for cartoons to enjoy this same existential expansion, we have Fimo that you mix and mould and cajole into shapes and then stick it in the oven. No, not to punish it because it won’t do what you want but to celebrate and solidify the perfection it has attained, to pretend for long moments that not all things are impermanent.

Of course, what I mean to say is that here are some models that I made that look like some of the cartoons that i’ve done. If you like them, please tell me and I might make one for you.

2 responses to “Like concrete, they are real”

  1. Padma says:

    And then came animation…

  2. Sop says:

    Hey, hey i like it, i like it… that means it’s mine now? ….I’d bid for this one… you know ! Like I told you I had a fringe and a dress like that when i was a kid, except that the dress was white…I couldn’t see on the other side:-) ……anyway, they r nice!

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