Lost Bears


Lost bears got lost somewhere in Greece. They took a wrong turning after a souvlaki place and ended up somewhere in a carpark in the middle of nowhere. They try to speak to ask a direction, but words fail them and none come out to fill the bubble. Where’s a cop when you need him? Luckily, he’s nowhere to be found or these would be three very sore bears licking their wounds in the nearest cop shop where all you can buy is a big helping of injustice pie and look through the glass at the nasty fascist arrogance display.

So, good on you bears for keeping your freedom. Better lost and lonely that on the wrong end of a truncheon. Try to find a nice little taverna instead, and stick your muzzles into a big pile of feta cheese and slurp down some ouzo for happy bear food. No, then these lost bears wouldn’t be so lost after all.

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