Nothing Unusual Here


There’s nothing unusual here. It’s just a normal, adult rabbit taking his dog for a walk in the countryside. He’s minding his own business and just taking a stroll. He sees a stranger in the distance and then closer up he recognizes you and gives you a wave. What could be more normal?

You’ll stand and chat for a few minutes. Exhange pleasantries. Talk about the weather and Mrs Fox had another litter. It’s Sunday so you talk about the football results. Nothing unusual at all.

And then off he goes with Barky straining at the leash, raring to go. He’s got a scent of something that he wants to explore. He wants to dash off down the trail and go hunting in the undergrowth. What can he smell? Maybe it’s a fox or a badger. No, not Mrs. Fox. She’s like a person so she doesn’t live in the woods. What does live in the woods then? What can barky smell? Maybe it’s rabbits.

How can that work? When a rabbit is taking his dog for a walk, what does it all mean?

Nothing unusual here.

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