Orange Hair Blowing


Windy days come in the foothills, on the edge of the farm, way down the track and by where the grass tussocks spring tall from the damp earth. Wendy stands there and lets her hair blow like she doesn’t even think at all.  She pulls her striped jumper up to her mouth, her favourite green and white woollen jumper up around her neck and feels the wind blowing through her hair.

The way it whistles in her ears, she can hear a song whispered to her. “Once more, ignore. As I wrap me around we. I’m never quite there at all.” and for sure she feels the same. Icy cold blasts of air whip up her orange hair but she doesn’t feel real anymore.  All that died inside.

If it were only so easy just to stand here and feel the wind and let the thinking just stop and not be there at all. But it doesn’t stop. She’s caught in a whirl. She’s several girls or no girls at all. So she just sighs quietly into her green and white jumper top, tastes the smell of damp wool and feels her feet cold now in converse boots.

“Oh my wet feet, where did it all go?” she sighs. All the whirl and excitement stopped one day and dropped her and now she stands sad in the wind and trying to not think so much. The orange hair blows, the feet grow cold and she knows it can’t last. It has to go.  She has to go inside and not let it blow on and on like this no more.

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  1. Lisa McLoughlin says:


    I am writing a blog that requires a picture of windy hair. Do I have your permission to use the picture above, as long as I mention where it is from? Would that be okay?
    My Blog is not live yet.

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