Somewhere on the Moon


Somewhere on the moon, our little chap is having a little stroll. He means no harm, he’s nice and friendly and happy to see you. He wants new friends on his lonely alien voyage across the universe. They sent him on a mission to find new friends on other planets so they can have a nice chat and a cup of tea with some biscuits.

I’d like that. I’d like that so much.

But you, you don’t care. You see that he’s friendly and innocent so you think he must be a bit of a twit. You see his charming manner and his lack of aggressive swagger so you think less of him. He’s not a proper alien. He’s not destroying cities with his death ray so you don’t respect him anymore. What’s the point of being able to travel between planets if you don’t use your technilogical supremacy to subjugate the occupants when you find them? That’s what you ask yourself. You get all hot and angry just thinking of his lack of  obvious gender characteristics.

It’s ok, don’t worry. Calm down again. It’s just a story.

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