New stamps are in from that place where they make stamps. Not the post office, no. They don’t make stamps at the post office anyway, they deliver letters and parcels and stuff, but that’s not the point. These aren’t even stamps from the proper place where they make official stamps that you put on official letters and passport applications.

No, these stamps are different. They’re for the secret love letters you send to the girl that works at the bakery. They’re for the confession of all the bad things that you’ve done that you slip under someone’s door. They’re for the forgotten manuscript of the novel that you never wrote that you’ll send to the publisher that doesn’t exist. They’re for the letter you’ll send to santa asking for what you really want, not all that nonsense about toys and games. They’re for the reminder you’ll send yourself to be a nice person and relax a bit.

They’re for letters that you’ll never send.

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