Wild Pig Times


The wild pig is very pleased with himself. Centuries of human dictatorship have failed to enslave him and he still wanders free like a happy little pig, just like when he was young and pigletty.

If he wants to stop and sniff a flower, there’s no-one to tell him not to. He can even do a poo if he wants and no-one’s gonna shout at him and chase him away or beat him with a piglet stick. No, that’s in the past. All that stuff with the farm and the chickens is someone else’s crazy story, not this wild pig.

But when you’re really wild, what can you do? It gets kind of boring after a while and then you have to notch it up some. You have to start putting a few noses out of joint, just to get a reaction. Being wild don’t mean nothing if you can’t cause a bit of a fuss now and then.

Just you wait, you’ll see. He’s no piglet.

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