Working Bears

Work bears salute you

Work bears salute you

Working bears salute you. What did you do that was worthy of salutation? Working bears don’t care. They’re just happy to salute whoever passes by their neck of the woods because it’s so much such an enclave you can’t get to. Their little glade remains half-shaded and unruffled by the flutter of hurried ring roads. Their log seats sit long and silent in the sultry evening air and the bears just sit alone if no-one dares to share their little forest piece of sun.

Would you step into their lair? Well, the bears salute you if you do or don’t. They stand stuck still on the brown page, the forest a mere illusion created by the collective mind. Stop and think a minute. Let the leaves settle around you.  Sit on a log and let the bears salute you.

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  1. Sop says:

    Love them….I m pretty sure this drawing deserves a more poetic comment….but the bear on the right has such greek style!
    I can almost hear him saluting from across the street…”Pou sai re malaka, xathikame! “

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