SlightlyFox Re-design Launch!

Hello to you. If you’re reading this, it’s because SlightlyFox has been redesigned and successfully launched!

After a number of years of neglect, the SlightlyFox website had become a bit stale and out-of-date. The hosting even lapsed because I forgot to pay the subscription for three years and the lovely people at HostAndGo didn’t take it down until just now. Fortunately it’s all back up again and I thought I’d take the chance to have a clear-out and to rethink the purpose and design of the site.

As you can see, the end result is still very simple. My work is divided into the two categories of Painting and Illustration, all displayed on the main page in a lovely, responsive “masonry” style grid. I’ve also added a blog section with the intention that I might find the time to upload news and articles pertaining to my life as a semi-professional illustrator and artist intent on becoming more professional.

I’m also intending to provide some free stuff (printable colouring pages and so on) to broaden the appeal and usefulness of the site, along with tutorials for how to do the this-and-thats that characterise my life as a freelancer with a studio and workshop. Hell, it won’t last forever so I might as well share a bit of it. Does the internet have enough instructables on how to make a toy mouse out of old clothes, or on how to make a table from reclaimed wood? Let’s add more anyway.

Please tell me if there’s anything you’d like to see. In the age of information overload, the worse thing is to be lost in the sea of hesitation so speak out!